Age of Adepts

Chapter 1512 (END) - Fate’s Final Chapter

Chapter 1512 Fate’s Final Chapter

Greem became obsessed with the Fruits of Bliss after getting his first taste!

Every time he dispelled the fruit of Bliss’ side-effects, Greem would impatiently swallow a second one. He would then rely on the Chip and his own Spirits’ resilience to resist the hallucinatory effects.

Moreover, his Spirit was constantly growing stronger through this process of resisting. It had grown exponentially more powerful than before!

One fruit after another, one hallucination after another, one detoxification after another, one tumultuous battle in his mind after another.

One had to admit that Greem possessed extraordinary resilience and determination that other adepts simply didn’t. Through his own power, Greem was able to endure those unbearable hallucinations and obtain a rapid boost to his Spirit.

Rising to 51...52......

Greem was beyond ecstatic when he felt the tremendous and powerful Spirit within him.

Several years passed in the blink of an eye. Only three Fruits of Bliss now remained of the original twenty. According to the Chip’s calculations, Greem’s Spirit would increase to 53 points after consuming another Fruit of Bliss.

It...was ridiculous speed for a Great Adept who had only advanced to Fifth Grade a hundred years ago!

Dreaming of his future success, Greem quickly swallowed the Fruit of Bliss.

He instantly noticed something was wrong after eating the fruit.

There was something unusual with this fruit!

Yes, there was something hidden inside the flesh of the fruit that wasn’t supposed to be there!

The instant Greem realized something was wrong, a proud, arrogant, and familiar spiritual flux radiated from within his body.

“Hi, kid, we meet again!”

Gomanreas’ soul!

He...he had actually hidden himself inside the flesh of the Fruit of Bliss, thus avoiding the scans of both the Chip and the magical arrays of the tower. He was now invading Greem’s body.

“Hehehe, ignorant brat! You knew that I was in a hurry to come back to life and you dared put yourself at my mercy. Hah! I would shame my own name if I didn’t eat you up!” Ne/w novel chapt𝒆rs are published on no/vel(/bin(.)co/m

“Impressive, very’re really sly, Gomanreas! To think, you knew how to misdirect me and use the divine authority fragments to distract me. So your actual target was the Fruits of Bliss all along!” Greem screamed with all he had.

The Chip’s notifications were blaring in his mind now. The warnings were all a dripping crimson red.

[Warning! Warning! Currently losing control over Host body. A terrifyign soul power is invading Host. Host’s mental defenses aren’t able to resist an invasion of this level.

[Beep! Host has lost 6% of control.

“Chip, think of something. How can we drive out the enemy?”

[Beep. Expulsion impossible...difference in power too immense. Host’s Spirits insufficient for the expulsion of foreign element. Effective resistance will vanish in 31 seconds.]

“And my Tome of Corruption? The Orb of the Fire God? Call them out and use the artifacts to hold him back!”

[Beep. Both artifacts are bound to Host’s soul. The enemy is invading Host’s soul as well. Initial estimates suggest that the enemy is attempting to devour and take over Host’s soul to gain full control of the body.]

“Then use the artifacts to deal with him!”

[The two artifacts are included in the control that Host has lost. The enemy will obtain an equal proportion of control over Host for every bit of spiritual space it has managed to take over.]

“If the artifacts can’t be controlled, then have them self-destruct! I would rather my body be destroyed than land in the hands of that bastard!”

[Beep. Host’s control has fallen to 72%. Host no longer possesses the authority to command the detonation of the artifacts.]

“No more hesitation then. Activate the Shattersoul Project immediately!”

Gomanreas’ spiritual flux abruptly appeared again, perhaps sensing Greem’s panic and helplessness.

“Kid, who would’ve thought you would have refined this body to such a decent extent! Hehehe, once I’ve devoured you, I will help you improve it even further and make it more perfect. Kid, your comprehension of fire is still too pathetic. You’ve wasted so many resources and powers in vain. Don’t you worry. Once your soul is completely in my hands, I will correct all these mistakes one by one.

“Self-destruct? Heh! As long as I’m around, there’s nothing you can do. Just watch slowly as you lose everything you own!”

Greem wasn’t foolish either. Naturally, he knew that this was a psychological tactic of sorts. If he were to lose his will to fight back due to fear or dejection, the opponent would only be able to take over his spiritual space even faster.

But, so what if he knew all this!?

He was facing the fragmented soul of an Eighth Grade Fire Hierarch after all. Even if it was only just a fragment of their soul, a mere Fifth Grade adept like Greem was no match for it now that it had infiltrated his body.

As time slowly passed by, Greem’s resistance gradually grew weaker.

Finally, thirty-one seconds after Gomanreas’ soul managed to infiltrate Greem’s body, Greem’s head tilted as he lost all consciousness!

Several minutes later, ‘Greem’ trembled. His neck snapped, and he opened his eyes.

“Ah...what kind of body is this? Why’s there such a weak human body still left behind? What was that kid thinking about? How could a human body compare to a perfect body of flames! Hmph! Modifying this body will take me quite a lot of time.”

Greem stood up and stretched his limbs before trying to draw on all the powers he currently possessed.

As his Spirit commanded, a tome-shaped item appeared in his left hand, and a searing hot orb flew out of his chest.

“Two pieces of Fifth Grade divine equipment. Mmm, this fire-gathering orb is compatible with my fire origin. It’s a little weak, but investing in it will be worth it. Dammit! What is with this garbage book? Why’s there only smelly poison principle power stored in it? Bastard! Did that idiot not know how severe the consequences of having impure powers are?”

Seemingly dissatisfied with the origin attribute of the Tome of Corruption, ‘Greem’ shouted and easily dragged the Fifth Grade Spirit of Pestilence out of the Tome. Remi seemed to have lost all ability to resist as well. He was turned into ashes by a wave of golden fire, as if Remi was just a fragile wooden puppet.

The Tome of Corruption immediately glowed with blinding green light when its artifact spirit was destroyed. It shook violently, and screams resembling those of dying souls could be heard.

“Hmph! Change your element for me!”

‘Greem’ grunted, and a surge of golden fire reached into the Tome of Corruption through his left hand. Violent and vicious origin fire seared the Tome of Corruption and changed its origin attribute.

Such abilities and techniques were not something that a mere ‘Fifth Grade adept’ should have mastered. However, this unbelievable and ridiculous scene happened anyway. Moreover, it was developing in an even more terrifying and horrifying direction!

In just fifteen minutes, the Tome of Corruption that possessed the principle attributes of knowledge and poison had been converted into a Book of Flames capable of serving as a medium for any fire knowledge!

The ability to forcibly convert the origin attribute of a Fifth Grade divine item was something that even those powerful gods were incapable of. Seventh Grade Fire God Sinai might have been able to do it if he were here in person, but he could not have accomplished it with such ease.

Through this, one could truly understand what horrifying and overwhelming ability and knowledge in fire the current ‘Greem’ possessed!

Having finished modifying the Orb of the Fire God and the Book of Flames, ‘Greem’ cast his gaze onto the storage spaces he carried. His Spirit peeked in, and he couldn’t help but break out into wild laughter.

Look at these!

Five divine authority fragments, a whole host of divine virtue, and divine power crystals. There were all sorts of rare resources and high-grade items.

He might not have bothered to even glance at these things back when he was an Eighth Grade Fire Hierarch. Now that he had just come back to life, he had no choice but to inherit the equipment and body of this little fire adept.

And for a Fifth Grade, a collection like this was beyond luxurious!

‘Greem’ was once again incredibly satisfied with his discerning eye for prey.

The soul of the little guy had yet to extinguish. He had used some strange, unknown means to shatter his soul into countless tiny fragments, which were hidden all over his body now.

What made him even more curious was the fact that this body seemed to have a relatively independent and mechanical soul that was silently covering for those soul fragments.

However, this method could only buy time. Once Gomanreas’ soul fragment had gained complete control over this body, he would start summoning and collecting the rest of his soul fragments from all over the Fire Elementium Plane. No impurities could survive within the soulfire of an Eighth Grade Fire Hierarch.

It was precisely due to such confidence that Gomanreas temporarily let them go and instead turned toward the modification and improvement of this new body of his.

With the world altar outside the adept tower, Gomanreas once again opened the resource mystic realm and retrieved the high-grade resources that had been stored in there for tens of thousands of years. He then casually pulled open another portal and took out more valuable things.

Dragon enslavement contracts.

Keys to god kingdom treasuries.

Eighth Grade Firestone.



These were all the treasures and resources he had stored in the past. They had been abandoned in these alternate dimensions due to his death.

Now that he was back, he would naturally have to retrieve them all!

While ‘Greem’ silently went about this long-due business of his, the tower suddenly trembled. It snapped in half with a loud crack.

Gomanreas lifted his head in horror, only then realizing that a massive hole had been poked in the planar barrier of the Fire Elementium Plane. A ten-thousand-meter-tall Titan had broken the tower and was staring at him with a pair of gigantic eyes that seemed to be filled with a crackling storm.

“Gomanreas! So you’ve indeed come back to life! I had thought the information false when I first received it. Who would’ve thought it would be real? Hmph! I was able to destroy you 13,000 years ago, and I will be able to do so once again now! Die, you evil flame that has manifested consciousness!”

The next second, the Thunder God Titan waved his arm as an incomparably violent will of lightning crashed down.

Such terrifying power would be enough to completely blast this area of the Fire Elementium Plane into oblivion, let alone just this one Fifth Grade fire adept alone.

“Bastard! Which bastard sold me out? Maysa! Is it you? You gave me a host a body, and now you sell me to the Titans! I curse you!”

Naturally, Gomanreas’ soul was only Fifth Grade at the moment and had no means to deal with the destructive blow of a Titan.

However, he was a decisive individual. He instantly detonated the Eighth Grade Firestone he had just obtained. While the explosion kept the Titan’s hand at bay, ‘Greem’ used all his power to tear open a portal and escape through it.

However, the Titan’s devastating blow landed the instant he escaped. Fearsome electric shockwaves wrapped all over ‘Greem’s body. The body was blown into countless fragments before it vanished behind the portal.

“The Abyssal World...dammit! I smell the unique stink of the Abyssal World. Gomanreas, do you think you can escape me by fleeing to the Abyssal World!? Hmph! Just you wait!”

The Titan waved his hand and wiped out everything around Molten Altar before slowly exiting the planar barrier of the Fire Elementium Plane.

The power he had drawn upon in this incident had far exceeded the upper limit of what the Fire Elementium Plane could tolerate. The powers of fire and lightning repeatedly clashed in this space, causing such tremendous shockwaves that everything within five hundred kilometers reverted to its primordial state of chaotic elements.

The lava lake, Fire Throne, Molten Altar, the land around it, all the fire creatures that lived upon it– everything had vanished without a trace. Everything had turned into a chaos storm that devoured everything else.

When it all finally settled down, a Fate eye appeared in the air.

It looked at this area, sensing the traces of destruction left behind by the chaos storm and in the fragmented principle system of the planeworld.

Finally, its gaze landed on where the portal had been opened.

“Greem, I’ve sacrificed my title as the daughter of Fate. This is all I can do to help you. Whether you can survive this trial and come out alive from the Abyssal World will be up to you,” Lucia’s heavy sigh could be heard from within the eyeball.

The eyeball then shattered as the Fate power became part of the chaos.

The world was silent once more!


The End

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